House Democrats Are the Real Embarassment

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AMAC Exclusive – By Shane Harris

After 15 rounds of voting, California Republican Kevin McCarthy finally secured the votes to become Speaker of the House late Friday night, ending nearly a week of proceedings that elected Democrats and the mainstream media gleefully called an “embarrassment” for Republicans. But if the last four years have made anything clear, it is that the House Democratic Caucus, not their colleagues on the right, are the real embarrassment to the country.

No Republican representative ever ended a prayer on the House floor by saying “amen and a-woman,” as Congressman Emanuel Cleaver did while presiding from the Speaker’s chair.

A House Republican has also never been under investigation by the FBI for marrying her brother in order to skirt U.S. immigration laws. That distinction belongs to Ilhan Omar of Minnesota.

No House Republican ever said men can get pregnant – as multiple House Democrats …

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