Democracy is Ugly, But . . .

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Now that the GOP’s Speakership fracas is behind us, a few thoughts. Yes, with a frightfully narrow majority margin, a handful of hardliners secured what they call concessions, but at what cost? This was not necessary and should all have been conducted behind closed doors. Democracy is ugly, but this is hardly a victory for mature leadership, or a sign of good things to come.

What did the 15-ballot drama win America? Nothing more than could have been secured quietly, thoughtfully behind closed doors – the chance to read bills 72 hours ahead, get a floor vote on term limits, vote to remove a speaker if a member raises the motion, assure accountability from a Republican leader to his caucus.

As for assuring the debt ceiling is not raised again or no two appropriations bills are ever combined, those are more complex issues, the quick win in words rather likely …

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