‘Relax about the bathroom’: VA, Army OK mixed facilities for transgender, nonbinary persons

Article originally appeared on justthenews.com.

The Department of Veterans Affairs formally recognizes the gender fluidity popularized in the federal government by disgraced former energy official Sam Brinton. The U.S. Army apparently does not, but female service members will have trouble keeping determined males out of their showers.

Federal diversity training materials obtained by The Wall Street Journal through Freedom of Information Act requests show they don’t substantially differ from those pioneered in academia, now commonly used in local governments and large corporations.

The gender policies could come under legal scrutiny if the Supreme Court addresses the new split between federal appeals courts on school restroom policies based on gender identity.

Just before the new year, the full Atlanta-based 11th Circuit overturned a three-judge panel and upheld a Florida high school’s sex-based policy that denied a female student access to the boys’ bathroom despite …

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