Republicans Call for End to COVID-19 Emergency Declaration › American Greatness

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The new GOP majority in the House of Representatives is calling on Xavier Becerra, Joe Biden’s Secretary for Health and Human Services (HHS), to formally end its declaration of emergency over the Chinese coronavirus.

Fox News reports that on Wednesday, a group of 13 Republicans led by Congressman Troy Nehls (R-Texas) sent a letter to Becerra shortly after HHS announced that it would be extending the Public Health Emergency (PHE) declaration for the 12th time overall. The letter demanded that either the state of emergency be lifted, or HHS submit written justification for its continuation by February 10th.

“The continued extensions of the public health emergency calls into question the legality of the expanding powers of the executive branch, its abuse of statutory authority, and sets a terrible precedent for future public health emergencies,” the letter reads in part. “The continued lack of clarity and mixed guidance from …

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