Man Plugs His $115k Electric Hummer in to Charge on Sunday, Finds Out It Won’t Be Done Until Friday

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I still remember that Sunday night in my foolish youth driving a Volkswagen on a 67-mile trip while low on gas.

Desperate, I got off the interstate once or twice to poke around small towns trying to find what was in those days a rarity – a gas station open on a Sunday night.

I don’t remember if I found an open station or if there were enough fumes in that little bug to successfully get me to my destination, but I made it. Whew!

That was decades ago, and yet in 2023, I hear – and have written – about electric vehicle drivers having similar experiences to my search for energy all those years ago.

Because it turns out that, despite all the razzmatazz and hype over an impending climate crisis and saving the planet and such, EVs simply are not ready for the demands of general use.

And there are more than just range issues. The wonderful promise of overnight recharging …

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