National Archives Issued 3 Statements Claiming Obama’s Records Were Fine

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The National Archives issued three statements, one on August 12, one on September 8 and one on September 23, supposedly rebutting claims that there were any issues with Obama’s presidential records.

The September 8 statement specifically denied that any records from the Obama administration were missing. Or, very specifically, NARA “is not aware of any missing boxes of Presidential records from the Obama administration.”

Not aware is of course ‘lawyerese’ for plausible deniability.

In November, the first tranche of classified documents was found at Penn Biden.

NARA’s only statement on Nov 9 involved Trump’s documents. Ditto for another Dec 20 statement.

Was NARA really unaware of the Biden documents at that point?

There are still no statements on Biden’s materials. After issuing 10 statements on Trump’s materials and issues involving them, NARA has become really why when it comes to Biden.

If there were any doubt as to what the NARA …

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