Department of Justice makes shady deal with Biden to keep FBI agents away from his classified document stashes

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President Joe Biden smiled and laughed Tuesday as he ignored a barrage of questions about the classified documents scandal that has engulfed his administration while a shocking new report detailed a deal made by the Justice Department to keep the FBI away from the search.

The grinning Biden stayed silent at the end of his meeting with Netherlands’ Prime Minister Mark Rutte – while the media asked about the sensitive files found at his D.C. think tank and garage at his Wilmington home.

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal revealed on Tuesday that the Justice Department considered having FBI agents monitor Biden’s personal attorneys as they searched his Wilmington and Rehoboth homes but decided against it, deciding Biden’s lawyers were cooperating with them.

Biden’s legal team, after the discovery of the first tranche of documents at his D.C. think tank, talked with …

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