Trump leads DeSantis in 2024 polling (who are the 3 percent in favor of Liz Cheney?)

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Former President Donald Trump leads in a list of potential presidential candidates for the 2024 Republican Primary according to a new Morning Consult poll published Wednesday, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis coming in second.

According to the poll, Trump leads a group of GOP contenders with 48 percent of respondents saying they want the former president at the top of the ticket. DeSantis’ number two slot garnered 31 percent support.

Morning Consult surveyed a total of 3,763 potential voters in the upcoming Republican primary. Mike Pence came in third with eight percent support, Liz Cheney came in with three percent support. Nikki Haley and Ted Cruz both received 2 percent support. Greg Abbott, Kristi Noem, Mike Pompeo, and Tim Scott all came in around one percent. Glenn Youngkin came in at zero.

Trump announced his run for president on November 15, 2022.

According to Morning Consult, the takeaways from …

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