Insane: Police Officer resigns after being told to pull down facebook post opposing gay marriage

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A Georgia police officer has resigned after he was told by superiors that he could not share his personal religious views on social media.

“If someone somewhere considers an opinion I have—that isn’t a direct quotation from Scripture—to be offensive, then that would be a fireable offense,” Jacob Kersey, the former officer, told The Daily Signal.

Kersey, 19, who began working last May at the Port Wentworth Police Department in a jurisdiction just outside Savannah, says “everything was going well” until the start of the new year.

On Jan. 2, Kersey posted a 20-word message about his view of marriage on Facebook.

“God designed marriage. Marriage refers to Christ and the church,” he wrote, paraphrasing the Apostle Paul’s teaching in the Book of Ephesians. “That’s why there is no such thing as homosexual marriage.”

The next day, Kersey said he received a phone call from his supervisor, who told him that someone had …

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