Radical 1619 Project author was paid $100k by taxpayers for six hours at Indiana University

Article originally appeared on www.dailywire.com.

Indiana taxpayers shelled out more than $100,000 to 1619 Project author Nikole Hannah-Jones for just over 24 hours of work, according to a contract obtained by The Daily Wire under public records laws.

The deal between the Trustees of Indiana University and Hannah-Jones’ speakers bureau said the university would pay $101,700 for a “2022 Themester Lecture on Identity and Identification.” The “Themester” reference meant that for an entire semester, Indiana students were told to focus on the “theme” of identity.

“During the fall of 2022, we invite members of the College and campus community to reflect on identity and all that it entails,” the university’s website says. “Race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, native language, socio-economic status, and myriad other identities shape our worldview: how we see, how we portray ourselves, and how we are perceived (and received).”

The “themester” is run by an advisory committee that includes a gender …

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