Can’t make this up: Canadian trans antifa activist with diaper fetish speaks to children at public library in England

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Andy Ngo contributed reporting to this article.

A city council in England is coming under fire after it was discovered that a Canadian transgender cartoonist who has a diaper fetish is invited to speak at a family event hosted by a local library.

Sophie Labelle, from Montreal, is scheduled to talk about Labelle’s book, The Best of Assigned Male, at Sheffield Central Library on Monday evening. According to The Telegraph, the artist will also speak about the experience of growing up transgender. The Sheffield stop is part of what Labelle calls “the Trans agenda” tour, making stops across the UK and Australia.

Labelle, a trans-identified male, has made no secret of having an interest in diaper fetish art, known as “diaperfur art.” This is a form of artistic expression that combines an interest in anthropomorphic animal characters with an interest in wearing diapers, normally as part of a baby roleplay.

People with an interest in anthropomorphic animals are called “furries.” Furries identify with and often …

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