Joe Biden and the left have been using the federal government to dole out reparations for decades

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In Joe Biden’s first official act as president, he committed every federal agency to a “whole-of-government equity agenda.”

Equity, as Kamala Harris described it, is the principle that people ought to “all end up at the same place.” This is distinct from equality, which seeks the equal treatment of citizens before law.


Within two weeks of Joe Biden’s inauguration, equity had become the organizing principle of the federal government. And last week, Biden signed an executive order expanding the equity agenda items for several federal departments.

For the Biden administration, equity serves two purposes. First, it compensates the descendants of historically marginalized groups. Second, it metes out retributive justice against the white majority.

These purposes were made clear less than two months after Biden signed his first executive order. In March 2021, Biden signed a Covid relief package containing $4 billion in loan forgiveness exclusively for …

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