Too Funny: San Francisco’s “red state boycott” backfired

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The city of San Francisco has quietly conceded that its strategy of boycotting red states did not have the desired effect of influencing state policy, instead adding more administrative and operational challenges for the already declining city.

The City Administrator’s Office (CAO) conducted a review of the 12X legislation, which was implemented in 2017 as a means of boycotting conservative states in an effort to make them adopt more progressive policies. The legislation barred city-funded travel and contracting with companies in red states, as well as other methods of commerce.

San Francisco’s blacklist currently includes 30 states that have been targeted for their LGBTQ laws, abortion restrictions, and voting laws. Initially, the boycott was limited to eight states based on their LGBTQ laws but was subsequently expanded to encompass states with other “unacceptable” policies.

“The CAO was not able to find concrete evidence suggesting …

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