In Julie Su, Biden Nominates Another Incompetent Ideologue

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President Joe Biden looks on as Julie Su delivers remarks on her nomination as Secretary of Labor, Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

Throughout his administration, everyone nominated by Joe Biden seems to offer a unique amalgam of functional incompetence and ideological extremism.

Take Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s Transportation Secretary and former Democratic Party wunderkind, who likes to characterize America’s infrastructure as institutionally racist. After a series of high-profile performance debacles during his brief tenure, however, a majority of Americans now want him to resign.

Has there ever been a Transportation Secretary whose name a majority of Americans could even recognize, let alone desire his resignation?

Never one to learn a simple lesson and correct course, Biden just nominated Julie Su, former California Labor and Workforce Agency Secretary, to lead his Labor Department.

Su’s record in California was one of failure and partisan radicalism, which may make her a nice fit within the Biden Administration. …

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