New Mexico School Boards Association Administrator: “Parents Have No Rights In Public Education”

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A New Mexico School Boards Association instructor sees no role for parents in guiding their children’s public school education.

On Tuesday, the parental rights group “Freedom Families United” published audio tape of a New Mexican school board administrator speaking to members of local school boards.

“Parents do not have a fundamental right to tell you how public school teaches their child,” New Mexico School Boards Association Trainer Andrew Sanchez said in December. “Parental rights end when you decide to send your kids to public school. What you teach this generation that will soon be voting are going to be instrumental to the future of us as a democracy and as society goes forward.”

The New Mexico School Boards Association did not respond to The Federalist’s request for comment.

Sanchez also mocked parents concerned about excessive wokeness in the classroom, and claimed teachers in Florida “don’t even teach the Civil …

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