Anti-Christian Violence Rising

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What we saw last week – a violent attack on a Christian school, killing three innocent children and three adults – is the product of a society that has lost its way, devaluing faith, encouraging group-based hatreds and anti-Christian violence. Reality is we may see two inflection points, the end of anything-goes-transgender-dysphoria promotion, and rise of anti-Christian domestic violence.

You think not? You think all is well, or all is unchanged? Then follow me. The bit about slowing the open-ended promotion of transgenderism, as an end in itself, objectively devaluing biological girls – 98 percent of whom “identify” as female – is a fresh reality. If we see it, this will have been long in coming.

Pushing hate in the name of a mental illness, which is what gender dysphoria officially is, must have limits. Building and fanning resentments in a frayed society is irresponsible, and bound to produce pushback.

When 95 percent or more of those born biologically female believe they are girls, …

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