More Shocking Updates From The “Twitter Files”

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Last fall, newly minted owner of Twitter Elon Musk coordinated the release of the “Twitter Files,” a series of reports that outline in detail the staggering extent to which social media executives conspired with government agencies and federal bureaucrats to stifle public debate and censor free speech.

Since AMAC Newsline’s last update of what we’ve learned so far, even more troves of shocking content have been released. Here are three of the biggest revelations from the first few Twitter Files of 2023.

How Twitter “Let the Intelligence Community In” After Trump’s 2016 Victory

The 11th installment of the Twitter Files—posted by journalist Matt Taibbi in early January—examined Twitter’s growing collusion with federal intelligence agencies following Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election.

According to internal Twitter documents posted by Taibbi, Trump’s win triggered a “PR crisis” among company executives, …

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