Biden Sleeps Tight While Nation Drowns in Debt

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Hillary Clinton writes in The New York Times that Republican insistence to link any increase in the nation’s debt ceiling to spending control and cuts threatens our national security.

“It’s a sad irony that Mr. McCarthy and many of the same congressional Republicans seemingly intent on sabotaging America’s global leadership by refusing to pay our debts are also positioning themselves as tougher-than-thou China hawks.”

Clinton is right that our enemies, Russia and China, see America today as weak and are using the opportunity to strengthen their influence around the world.

But the reason they see the supposed leader of the free world as weak is not because America refuses to “pay our debts.”

Russia and China see our nation as fiscally and morally corrupt, and they are right.

Whether we’re speaking about a nation, or an individual, absence of self-discipline is a sign of weakness.

The only words that capture fiscal …

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