Political Prosecution – is Persecution

Article originally appeared on amac.us.

Law can be as boring as politics is frustrating, but where law and politics collide, sparks fly. A New York lawsuit against former President Trump is going from absurd, to dangerous. Political prosecution, when the veneer comes off, is persecution. Here is why.

Former President Trump, whose home was raided in an intimidating violation of the 4th Amendment authorized by his rival who had thousands of classified pages – was just sued by a New York prosecutor.

The suit tries to elevate a misdemeanor to felony, attach it to an unnamed federal crime, and sully the leading Republican contender for 2024. On its face, this is ugly, indefensible abuse of legal process.

The obvious reason for all this, since the New York prosecutor ran on a platform of suing Trump, is that charging him with a crime may dissuade moderate voters. Or an alternate theory is that the indictment will incite Trump’s base, diminishing chances of other contenders, …

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