Government Abuse of AI and the future of censorship

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The real threat posed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), is not that we will lose appreciation for humans, become mindless slaves to artificial humans, but that governments – others and ours – could use AI to control what we can see, believe is true, and thus our lives. Caution is warranted.

Industry experts on next generation thinking, especially in AI, have been issuing dark warnings. What they fear is worth fearing, but is neither inevitable nor even, perhaps, the gravest threat.

While many worry AI will “think for itself” and feed humanity bad information, take over systems that put us out of business, the real threat may be simpler: Use of AI by governments to control everything from truth and travel to medical access, digital currency, law and energy.

If AI were just a combination of modern “high tech” – information flow, surveillance, media access, use of drones, remote force – with governments behind …

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