Americans Stuck in Sudan are Left Abandoned by Biden

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Joe Biden and the Democrats continue to pursue their America Last agenda, this time by ignoring the sacrosanct principle of the United States to never abandon American citizens in a country collapsing due to war or civil strife. Like so many other standards and values, the Biden administration has thrown rescue of Americans in war torn countries into the “too hard” category.

The latest catastrophe facing our nation is unfolding in Sudan, where a brutal fight for power between two government factions erupted mid-April with the potential of slipping into a full-fledged civil war. At this writing, over 500 people have been killed, including two Americans, with thousands injured. A week after the fighting erupted the US State Department announced that the American Embassy in Khartoum was closing and that dozens of American diplomatic personnel were successfully evacuated. But lo and behold, the …

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