With End of Title 42, Joe Biden Faces First Disaster of Reelection Campaign

Article originally appeared on amac.us.

Less than a month after launching his reelection campaign, Joe Biden is already facing his first major political crisis of the 2024 election cycle.

On May 11, the Biden administration is expected to end the last remaining remnants of Title 42, the Trump-era border policy that permits the U.S. government to swiftly expel illegal aliens crossing the southern border. In April 2022, the administration announced its intention to formally end the policy amid pressure from far-left open-borders activists— despite strong pushback from even Democrat leaders in border states.

After more than two years of Biden systematically eliminating Trump-era border policies and allowing millions of illegal aliens to flood American communities, Title 42’s official termination will represent the apex of this open-borders insanity.

Though the policy was initially enacted on public health grounds in the early days …

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