Biden Medicaid Policy Puts Criminals and Non-Citizens Ahead of Seniors and Disabled Americans

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The latest and greatest Biden boondoggle makes his twisted priorities clear: he cares more about foreigners and prisoners than he does our nation’s elderly and disabled citizens.

As the country bumps up against the debt ceiling and House Republicans attempt to rein in out-of-control spending, Biden is wandering further down the path to socialism. Maybe he saw an ice cream cone off in the distance. Or perhaps he’s blindly following his left-wing bureaucrats toward economic ruin.

Either way, the latest salvo in Democrats’ War on Work in America is an announcement of a forthcoming regulation that would expand Medicaid to millions of people who are not eligible for the program.

While welfare expansion is no new thing for the left, these latest expansion proposals go beyond the realm of sanity to expand welfare to two new classes of recipients – non-citizens and prisoners.

The White House said this month …

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