KJP roasted for comparing debt ceiling debate to monthly car payment: ‘So how about student loans?’

Article originally appeared on www.foxnews.com.

Social media users criticized and mocked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s comparison of raising the debt ceiling to monthly car payments to relate to the American people.

During Monday’s press conference, Jean-Pierre was questioned on the upcoming meeting between President Biden and congressional leaders regarding a debt ceiling raise and potential spending cuts.

One reporter questioned Jean-Pierre whether the Tuesday meeting is expected to “move the ball” on discussion considering both Biden and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy have not shown any indication of compromising their positions. Jean-Pierre used the question to attempt to explain the situation to American families.

“I want to step back for a second, and I really appreciate the question, but let’s look at this for the American people who are trying to figure out, who may not know what is it that we’re talking about. So, look, …

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