‘America Looks Weak’: State Department Official Speaks Out

Article originally appeared on thefederalist.com.

Last week, State Department employees’ email name displays were assigned involuntary, and in some instances incorrect, pronouns. A long-serving State Department official, who has been granted anonymity due to the legitimate fear of government retribution, provided The Federalist a look into the internal reaction to the department’s pronoun fiasco.

Below is an exclusive image obtained by The Federalist showing how the pronouns appeared on employees’ emails:

News of the involuntary pronouns was publicized by Associated Press reporter Matt Lee, who asked deputy State Department spokesman Vedant Patel during a press conference why the pronouns are not optional, particularly because the department is assigning incorrect ones.

Patel, who appeared unaware of the newly assigned pronouns, was visibly displeased by the line of questioning, dismissively telling Lee, “Thank you, Matt,” and adding, “I will look into this … Thanks, everybody. Happy Thursday.”

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