Joe Biden Could Be Indicted

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Evidence continues to mount for a basic, incontrovertible finding: Whether criminal or not, Joe Biden was the kingpin in an elaborate, 20-company scheme, brought to life immediately after he became vice president. This is what Treasury documents show. The core question: Could Joe Biden be indicted, even as a sitting president?

Given Democrat control of the Senate, Biden will not be impeached, we know that. As for an indictment, that depends on two other questions. First, are the activities Joe Biden was involved in objectively criminal – that is, would others’ be indicted for them? Second, does the Constitution’s “impeachment clause” bar – or substitute for – the idea of an indictment?

On the first, documents coming to light are damning. As reported, Joe Biden took his son to China and Ukraine, facilitating contacts with foreign governments. After that, his son secured contracts with those tied to corrupt governments, collecting millions …

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