Activist Remorse

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Few will speak about it, fewer write about it, but lives spent in rabid political activism, activists tearing down what “is” in favor of utopia, hacking up society with certainty, and failing to appreciate the impact – especially of violent or morally misplaced activism – leaves scars. Some realize that later.

Think on it. How many Bolsheviks wished – over time – they had not been so fervent? How many communists wished they had never heard of Lenin, Stalin, Mao? How many fascists wished they had never heard of Mussolini, Hitler, Brownshirts, or “The Party?” Many.

These days we see rising violent activism, and it should give all pause. For some activists, especially those who forsake God, ignore history, and have no time for fairness, a constitution, traditions, history, or remembering what made their life possible, humility is a lost cause. Moral depravity, preoccupation with …

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