Media Hack Interrupts DeSantis Talking to Voter to ask why he won’t talk to voters

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During a Thursday campaign stop in New Hampshire, a member of the corporate media interrupted Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to accuse the governor of avoiding voters despite him interacting with one at the very moment of accusation. “Why not take any questions from voters, governor?” Associated Press reporter Steve Peoples asked DeSantis while the governor was in the middle of taking a photo with a man attending the event.

“Governor, how come you’re not taking questions from voters?” The reporter pressed as DeSantis smiled for a picture with his arm around the man.

This description refutes itself. “He didn’t talk to members of the audience and got miffed when a reporter interrupted him talking to a member of the audience to ask about it.” It’s basically a description of media insanity. — Mollie (@MZHemingway) June 1, 2023

“Are you blind?” DeSantis responded. “People …

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