It’s Time To Follow Britain’s Lead On Dangerous Puberty Blockers

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Britain’s National Health Service recently made a landmark decision that the United States should copy. True, the country’s system of socialized medicine continues to ration treatments deemed too expensive by government bureaucrats. Importing the NHS to the United States would exacerbate the problems in our health care system. But at least the NHS is listening when it comes to protecting young children from dangerous and experimental treatments.

That’s the takeaway from the recent news that the health system has officially recommended limiting access to puberty-suppressing drugs: “outside of a research setting, puberty-suppressing hormones should not be routinely commissioned for children and adolescents who have gender incongruence/dysphoria.” That means NHS will no longer coerce British taxpayers to subsidize these unsafe procedures.

This conclusion comes after the health service spent nearly three years examining the latest evidence regarding sex-related treatments …

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