Might Biden Start a War?

Article originally appeared on amac.us.

A hot war with China is unlikely – but possible. Clear signals, credible deterrence, allied unity, military readiness, and affirming America’s commitment to global “peace through strength” is how wars are avoided. The risk is in an error, appeasement, or rash act. China could start a war, but as Biden’s political corruption grows, watch for his pivot, a foreign distraction, rash act. That would be unwise.

The rise of Communist China, facilitated by Western political naivete, economic dependence, and uncorrected tolerance for unethical, inhumane, illegal acts is done. How we got here is academic. Reestablishing primacy of Western values – freedom, equality, and respect for life – is now vital.

Gradually, a consensus in the United States is emerging that China represents a threat to our way of life, is behaving like an aggressor. This conviction is shared by both political parties, Biden the counterweight.

What does this mean? For starters, it means we need to state …

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