Silent Majority Pushes Back

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Understanding who your customers are is smart business.

Many Starbucks outlets are toning down Pride Month celebrations, according to several reports, though the coffee chain’s top executives deny it’s official policy.

Pixar’s film “Elemental,” which features Disney’s first nonbinary character, flopped over the weekend. Moviegoers “iced” it, says the Hollywood Reporter, producing the lowest opening weekend box-office take in modern Pixar history. Oops!

All this is happening during the most controversial Pride Month in years. Why the controversy? Pride is departing from its original, noble goal of combatting discrimination against gay and lesbian people.

Pride Month began in June 1969 as a civil rights movement. Demonstrators took to the streets to protest a police raid on the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. A year later, marchers in Chicago turned out to mark the anniversary of the raid, and over time …

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