Chicago mayor objects to reporter using the term ‘mob’ to describe dozens of looters: ‘That’s not appropriate’

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Left-wing Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson once again blasted efforts to condemn young criminals when he rejected a reporter’s use of the word “mob” to describe dozens of looters on Wednesday.

Johnson gave a public press conference following the arrest of forty people between the ages of 12-20 for reckless conduct misdemeanors in Chicago’s South Loop Sunday night. It was estimated that approximately 300-400 people gathered and began to take part in “disorderly” behavior and attempted to loot a convenience store.

The Chicago mayor provided updates regarding the situation but took issue after a reporter described the massive group as a “mob.”

“No, that’s not appropriate,” Johnson remarked. “We’re not talking about mob action. I didn’t say that.”

The reporter continued to press while Johnson insisted the proper term was “large gatherings.”

“Respectfully, these large gatherings–these large gatherings–hang on a second. I promise you we have time to talk,” he said.

Johnson added, “It’s important that we speak of these dynamics in an appropriate way. This is not to obfuscate what has actually taken place. We have to be very careful when we use language to describe certain behavior. There’s history in this city. I mean, to refer to children as like baby Al Capones is not appropriate.”

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