The Post Millennial BLOCKED in Canada as Trudeau’s censorship bill, Meta ban, go into effect

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As Meta begins “permanently” ending Canadians’ ability to view news on its platforms in response to the Trudeau Liberals’ Online News Act , readers of the Post Millennial have shared their frustration.

Under the new regulations , not only are many Instagram and Facebook users unable to view posts, they can’t even share them. The Post Millennial’s social media team has been unable to view its own content, however they have been able to circumvent the ban via Hootsuite.

“It’s official, welcome to Chinada,” anti-mandate activist Shaun Rickard wrote. “I just attempted to reply to my friend’s comment on one of my Facebook posts, with a link to a Post Millennial news article covering the Million Person March, and this is what came up.”

In the accompanying screenshot, Rickard was told by Facebook that “news content can’t be shared in Canada” because of the Trudeau Liberals’ legislation.

“Everyone will now receive this message if you attempt to share news stories/articles on Meta platforms in Canada,” he added. “Has anyone else experienced this on other social media platforms in Canada? Time to wake the hell up people!”

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