The four Democrats who could attempt to unseat Biden in 2024 election

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President Joe Biden will likely be the 2024 Democratic nominee for president, but he isn’t running unopposed.

Despite Biden’s massive, second-quarter fundraising haul — his $72 million marked the most for any candidate during that period — the Democratic primary could soon expand amid a slew of Republican investigations into the president’s family business dealings and malcontent regarding his age.

Here are four Democrats who are already openly challenging the president or could jump into the race before the year’s end.


RFK Jr. is a lightning rod.

The latest Kennedy to seek political office has maintained a monthslong hold over second place in the Democratic primary since announcing his bid in April. Unlike past Democratic candidates, Kennedy is not chasing the party’s core electorate and instead has made anti-vaccine rhetoric the chief pillar of his campaign, attacking Biden and former President Donald Trump for their efforts to advance COVID-19 vaccines.

Kennedy, thanks to a string of appearances on conservative-leaning podcasts and television stations, has steadily transitioned his candidacy from something the Biden team can hand-wave into the commander in chief’s chief primary foil.

However, since late June, Biden has maintained a rough 50-point lead over Kennedy in RealClearPolitics’s polling aggregate, and the Democratic National Committee’s decision to move South Carolina up in the primary list could solidify the president’s nomination before the polls in New England ever open.

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