BREAKING: Trump’s attorneys file motion saying Biden DOJ’s requested gag order violates First Amendment

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On Monday, attorneys representing Donald Trump filed a response to the Biden Department of Justice ‘s motion for a gag order in their alleged “conspiracy” case against him. They want Trump to not speak publicly about the case, and have intimated that they are concerned he will “leak” pretrial evidence. Trump, however, has stated that the DOJ is the one that keeps spilling information to the press.

The former president ‘s legal team urged the court to swap the DOJ’s request for a sweeping order that would essentially restrict all documents produced by the government in favor of one that would only bar those containing “genuinely sensitive” material from being entered into the public record.

In their response, Trump’s lawyers argued that restricting all government documents from being protected under the order runs “contrary to established law” and his “First Amendment rights.”

They also pointed out that their proposed amendment to the government’s order is “consistent with” others entered by the court in cases related to the January 6 riot.

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