US women’s soccer team misses on penalty kicks and politics

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This year’s U.S. women’s soccer team was terrible. In the last two games, it could not score even one goal. It was a total embarrassment from a team that became more known for its antics off the field than its victories on it.

Because as bad as the team’s performance was, its lack of patriotism and the anti-American sentiment of its radical left-wing politics was even worse.

Megan Rapinoe, the face of the USWNT’s pivot from success in competitive soccer to left-wing political activism, had the opportunity to save the team on Sunday. But she choked and missed wide on a penalty kick the same way she, and many on her team, spent the last few years missing wide on politics.

Rapinoe and her henchwomen were supposed to represent the country on women’s soccer’s biggest stage. Instead, they embarrassed the nation and were outright hated by many in the country because of their crusading.

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