BREAKING: Post Millennial reporter Katie Daviscourt’s car SMASHED UP shortly after conclusion of Andy Ngo-Antifa trial

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Reporter for The Post Millennial Katie Daviscourt had just finished a grueling stint in Portland covering the civil trial of Andy Ngo v. alleged Antifa attackers, when she returned to her car to find it smashed up.

“After I left the courthouse where I was reporting on @MrAndyNgo ’s trial against Antifa, I found that my car was broken into by my hotel. The windows were busted out, items were stolen, and personal identification documents were taken—I’m obviously upset” Daviscourt tweeted.Of concern is the fact that personal identification documents were stolen from the vehicle. Earlier in the day, Antifa militants harassed Daviscourt, urging her to get in a courthouse elevator with them.

Daviscourt told The Post Millennial that she had been approached by both defendants John Hacker and Elizabeth Richter outside the courtroom, inside the courthouse.

Daviscourt said that she as waiting for the elevator when Richter, along with two others approached her and began to call her names.

Richter expressed disapproval of Daviscourt’s coverage of the trial, a proceeding that lacked significant media representation. Richter labeled Daviscourt as a “fascist” and made accusations of dishonesty. Richter is facing allegations of guiding Antifa activists to Ngo’s whereabouts during a street protest, resulting in Ngo being assaulted by these activists.

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