BREAKING: Secret Service told Joe Biden who brought cocaine to White House, culprit is within ‘Biden family orbit’: report

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Last month, a bag containing cocaine was found in the West Wing, and sources indicate that it belonged to an individual associated within the “Biden family orbit.”

It is alleged that President Biden is aware of the identity of the individual in question, as per claims made by Susan Katz Keating, the publisher of Soldier of Fortune.

Keating, relying on insights from three confidential security sources, released her report on Sunday. She even attempted to contact a phone number connected to President Biden to uncover the alleged offender’s identity. However, there has been no independent verification of the Soldier of Fortune report as off yet.

According to Keating’s account, despite the Secret Service announcing on July 13 that the investigation had been closed due to a lack of tangible evidence, authorities were able to follow leads that led to a name. They were confident enough in their findings to brief the president.

One of Keating’s sources indicated, “If you want the name, ask Joe Biden. He knows who it is.” Another clarified that the person in question was associated with the Biden family circle but was not Hunter Biden, the president’s son, who has openly discussed his struggles with drug addiction.

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