Don’t Let Petty Covid Tyrants Bring Back Mask Mandates

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A day after First Lady Jill Biden tested positive for Covid with mild symptoms, the White House announced that President Joe Biden will once again be wearing a mask indoors and will only remove it “when sufficiently distanced from others.”

The news comes as health officials in major urban centers, including New York City and Los Angeles, are urging Americans to wear masks again, citing a new strain of Covid spreading through the country. Some colleges and universities, too, are bringing back mask mandates, as are large employers like Kaiser Permanente at its Santa Rosa, California, campus, along with a group of hospitals in New York.

An elementary school near Washington, D.C., on Tuesday imposed a mask mandate — stressing that it would be passing out KN95s, no less — on third graders after a handful of kids tested positive for Covid.

Here we go again.

Having gotten a taste of what …

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