Senate GOP’s Spending Strategy Plays Right Into Biden’s Hands

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A government shutdown is imminent, but Republican messaging on the reason for the spending standoff is inconsistent thanks to the Senate GOP, which plans to greenlight the Biden administration’s cash infusion.

If Democrats get their way, Congress will send at least $13 billion taxpayer dollars to Ukraine, something a majority of U.S. taxpayers say they don’t want to do, and spend another estimated $27 billion cash on unspecified “emergency funding.”

Some GOP members in the lower chamber have pledged to do everything they can to ensure they are not funding a regime that weaponized itself against its own people.

The House Freedom Caucus specifically warned in August that its members won’t support a GOP-led continuing resolution unless both chambers agree to cut back Biden administration spending, pass policies and funding to curb the raging border crisis, punish the Biden regime for its “unprecedented weaponization …

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