Biden’s Border Chaos Damages America’s Schools

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By now almost every American child starts a new school year. Many challenges confront families seeking solid formations for their children — from school violence, to radical secular humanist indoctrination, to the ongoing severe harm inflicted by the 2020-2021 lockdowns.

But Biden’s created border crisis now adds to that list of hurdles, as schools across the country – not just in border areas – grapple to deal with an illegal influx that prioritizes foreign migrants above our own American children.

Of course, most of corporate media prefers to either ignore or explain away the broader border crisis that Biden and the Democrats inflict upon America. But credit to the normally dependably biased Washington Post for conceding the intensifying scale of the current chaos, running a recent article titled: “Families Crossing the Border Illegally Reached All-Time High in August.”

Through some good reporting, WaPo secured …

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