NYC Mayor Eric Adams Is Right: Illegal Immigration Is Destructive

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You might have seen the video clip of New York Mayor Eric Adams speaking at a Town Hall meeting on the Upper West Side on Wednesday evening, warning that the steady influx of illegal immigrants would “destroy New York City,” and that every part of the city will be affected.

He’s right. Unregulated mass illegal immigration is inherently destructive. It destroys not just cities but entire nations. The Biden administration’s willful, ongoing abdication of its duty to secure the southern border has allowed record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrants into the country, month after month, year over year.

The kind of mass illegal immigration Biden’s policies have unleashed will destroy not just New York City, but every major city in America. They will eventually destroy America itself for the simple reason that a country that cannot maintain its borders ceases to be a sovereign country. In our case, it’s not a foreign army invading us but a betrayal of the American people by our ruling elites, who actively want more illegal immigration for reasons of their own.

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