WATCH: Bare-faced Biden breaks White House mask rules, asks attendees not to rat him out

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On Wednesday, a bare-faced Joe Biden strutted into a room full of people in the East Room of the White House holding the mask he’d been mandated to wear in public spaces since the First Lady tested positive for Covid on Monday for the second time, despite being vaccinated and receiving numerous booster shots.

Upon taking the stage, he half-jokingly asked attendees not to rat him out for failing to wear the face covering , pointing out that he’d tested negative for the virus.

“Let me explain to the press,” Biden said as he entered the room. “I’ve been tested again today. I’m clear across the board.”

“They keep telling me … I’ve got to keep wearing it,” he added, holding up the black mask, “but don’t tell them I didn’t have it on when I just walked in.”

His comments drew laughter from those in the crowd.

Following Jill Biden’s diagnosis, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced that  would have to wear a mask indoors while he was around other people.

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