California Democrat drops major hint Newsom is going to run for president

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Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) hinted at a presidential run for Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) in a new interview.

Porter, who is running for Senate in 2024, reflected on the key players in California politics. During the interview, she noted that Newsom is “on a different path” without delving into what that path is.

Referring to “Sen. Feinstein ending her service, with Nancy [Pelosi] not being speaker” and Newsom’s ambitions, Porter told the Washington Post, “There are big shoes to fill in California, politically.”

She noted that Democrats may not maintain their hold on the state “if we don’t have a scrappy, strategic, strong messenger in that role.”

While Newsom said he is not running for president in 2024, he has moved to expand his national profile in several ways.

Earlier this year, the governor and his PAC, Campaign for Democracy, made trips to several red states to take on “authoritarian leaders” on their home turf. Before that, Newsom launched a billboard campaign in Republican states with restrictive abortion laws, advertising the procedure in California.

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