Biden Claims ‘Democracy Is At Stake’ While Preventing Democracy

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Now that one of the 2 million Democrat prosecutors chasing Donald Trump has filed a court motion to make it illegal for him to talk about the election, is it okay to laugh anytime Joe Biden frames 2024 as a referendum on “democracy”?

Monday night would have been a good time to exercise that rule. Speaking at a fundraising event on Broadway, the president told “FOLKS!” in attendance that he’s running for reelection because “democracy is at stake” and “on the ballot once again.”

It’s gotten so corny, and yet if there weren’t pollsters, consultants, and all of the media telling every Democrat in the country that it’s a line that works for their voters, he wouldn’t be saying it.

Yet, it’s Democrats who come up with a new way to shut down the few remaining options and avenues the American public has to express their opinions and choices on virtually everything. They do it on the daily. Just last week, Special Counsel Jack Smith requested that a federal judge in Washington, D.C., place a gag order that would prevent Trump from disparaging Smith’s Jan. 6-related case against him, even in political terms.

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