Democrats’ “Emerging Majority” Mirage

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A series of recent polls showing disastrous numbers for President Joe Biden have cast more doubt on what Democrats once touted as an insurmountable “emerging majority” of support for their party, while also forecasting serious issues for Biden’s re-election effort.

A Wall Street Journal survey released earlier this month found that just 39 percent of voters hold a favorable view of the president, with 73 percent saying Biden is too old to seek a second term – a figure that includes two-thirds of Democrats.

Biden is deeply underwater on virtually every issue, including the economy, inflation, securing the border, improving infrastructure, dealing with China, creating jobs, and the war in Ukraine.

Former President Donald Trump, who continues to dominate the GOP primaries, holds a 10-point lead over Biden on the question of mental fitness for the job. By an 11-point advantage, voters said Trump had a record of accomplishment as president.

The Journal notes that Biden’s dismal numbers come as the president “has spent months traveling the country promoting his economic record and legislative achievements, including major investments in infrastructure, clean energy and technology.” Yet it appears those supposed victories aren’t breaking through with voters – likely because many of them weren’t actually the “historic” wins for ordinary Americans that Democrats had promised.

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