House Breaks Logjam, Will Vote on Spending Bills this Week

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The House of Representatives finally overcame a procedural hurdle Tuesday night to allow votes on spending bills after defeating a similar motion twice last week.

The vote clears a path for a vote on an agriculture appropriations bill that was yanked from the floor before the August recess after a handful of Republicans indicated they would block it.

The affirmative vote is a victory for Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) after a small group of Republicans twice tanked a motion last week to allow consideration of a Pentagon spending bill.

The future of the agriculture spending bill — not to mention the additional three bills — remains murky in the House despite Tuesday night’s result. The Senate is prioritizing the passage of a continuing resolution, or CR, this week, which will likely take until late Friday or Saturday due to parliamentary hurdles.

The Senate CR probaly would extend current funding levels 45 days and include $4.5 billion in funding for Ukraine, a nonstarter for many House Republicans.

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