Security cam shows Jack-in-the-Box employee open fire on family over curly-fry dispute. Welcome to America.

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Dude, we’ve hit a point in this country I don’t know if it’s possible to come back from. Look at this video of a Jack in the Box employee opening fire — OPENING FIRE — on a family in the drive-thru:

This was all because of an argument over curly fries. Bro, we’re arguing about curly fries, tossing food like toddlers, and then shooting at people.


Seriously, we are so dumb.

Here’s the scoop:

This INSANE footage just surfaced as part of an ongoing lawsuit that a man named Anthony Ramos filed against the fast food chain…

Ramos says he and his family — including his pregnant wife and young daughter — swung by a Houston-area Jack-in-the-Box in March ’21 and ordered a combo meal to go, but when he told the employees he was missing items, things escalated.

The back-and-forth arguing got so intense that Ramos apparently started to chuck some of the food back at the JITB drive-thru crew — which spurred employee Alonniea Fantasia Ford to head back into the recesses of the restaurant … only to return with a pistol in hand.

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