BREAKING: House GOP nominates Mike Johnson for Speaker

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Rep Mike Johnson of Louisiana has been nominated by the House GOP to be House Speaker after closed door meetings.

The nomination comes after Reps Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise, Tom Emmer and a few others have lost their bids to be represent the majority in the people’s house.

Matt Gaetz tweeted out his endorsement of Johnson shortly after the vote.

Johnson beat out 8 others in gaining the support of his party. A vote for Johnson will go to the House floor at noon on Wednesday.

Tom Emmer dropped out of the race earlier on Tuesday after 20 members said they would not support him on the floor.

The speakership has been in the care of Speaker Pro Tempore McHenry as the GOP sorts out who should take the post.

Florida’s Matt Gaetz called for the speakership to be vacated when it was held by Kevin McCarthy, in which he was joined by the House Democrats.

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