Former Kamala Harris campaign aides push vice president to back ‘Squad’ calls for Gaza ceasefire

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Former aides to Vice President Kamala Harris’s 2020 bid for the White House have reportedly been collecting signatures and circulating a letter calling for her to “seek an immediate ceasefire” between Israel and Iran-backed terrorist group Hamas.

“We must mourn the tragic loss of Israeli life targeted by Hamas,” a draft letter obtained by Politico reportedly said. “However, we must firmly and unequivocally reject the Israeli government’s exploitation of these deaths to stage a retaliatory and genocidal campaign against civilians.”

President Joe Biden’s administration has been unequivocal in its support for Israel and its right to defend itself from the terrorist attacks. The president even reportedly scrapped early versions of his first speech on the matter that attempted to both-sides the subject.

But the Biden administration’s wholehearted commitment to Israel hasn’t stopped the Democratic Party from continuing to splinter on the subject of Israel and Gaza. Earlier this year, prior to the war in Israel, Democratic sympathies had shifted from Israelis to Palestinians, per Gallup. The poll showed 49% of Democrats indicating they are more sympathetic toward Palestinians, while 38% said the Israelis, the lowest amount in the data, which show trends since 2001.

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